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How to Clean Your Oven

It’s that time of year again; Christmas is coming! And it’s time to start preparing your home for all those visitors during the festive season. One of the most time-consuming jobs in preparation for Christmas is cleaning your oven. Cleaning an oven is not a simply...

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How to Clean Grout

Grout is one of the most frustrating areas of the home to clean. The stunning white of freshly-lined grout shows every single mark and stain with glaring clarity. Unfortunately, once grout becomes tarnished with mould, stains, or dirt, it can be difficult to clean....

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We Are Featured in The Argus

We are proud to announce that Why Bother Cleaning has been featured in The Argus today! Have you got your copy? The article tells the story of Why Bother Cleaning and our mission to provide professional, reliable and efficient cleaning services to domestic and...

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Best Cleaning Tips for Bathrooms

Keeping all rooms in your home clean is essential, but the bathroom is especially important. Not only is cleaning this room vital for health reasons, it is also a room in your home that may be visited by guests so you will probably want to present it well. Bad odours,...

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