How to Clean Your Entire House in 1 Hour

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Whether you’re having guests over soon or you just want to get your home clean fast, we have the tips for you!

Start from the Top and Work Your Way Down

If you take away anything from this article, let it be this: always start from the top and work your way down. This one cleaning tip will save you more time than anything else. By starting the cleaning process at the top, you ensure dust and dirt falls from the higher surfaces onto the lower ones you haven’t cleaned yet. Wipe all dust and dirt off surfaces and directly onto the floor. This way, you can finish by hoovering everything up and you don’t have to go back and re-dust surfaces you’ve already cleaned.

Tackle Cleaning the Bathrooms First

While the rooms your tackle first are completely your preference, we always recommend starting with the bathrooms because they often require a little more from you. Now, when you’re cleaning your house quickly, you don’t want to spend ages scrubbing away at the shower or sweeping the floor – remmeber, this is a quick clean!

Bleach the Toilet

Start by pouring a cupfull of bleach into the toilet bowl and let it settled while you clean the rest of the bathroom. Then, as you’re finishing up, take a minute to scrub away the dirt and grim before flushing it all away.

Spray and Wipe All Glass Surfaces

This goes for bathroom mirrors, glass countertops, hand mirrors, and shower doors. If you were only to clean the glass in your bathroom, trust us when we say, it would look so much cleaner! Cleaning glass is a quick and easy job and the great thing about it is that you see results really quickly. So, grab your microfibre cloth, some glass cleaner or your preferred natural cleaner, and get cleaning.

Dust Down Countertops

Lastly, before you finish up in the bathroom it’s best to get rid of as much dust as you can. Use a surface spray and a microfibre cloth to qickly wipe down all sinks, shelves, and ledges in your bathroom. Getting rid of the dust will seriously transform your space and have it looking brilliantly clean in next to no time. Cleaning your bathrooms quickly should take you no more than 10 minutes. Just remember, you’re only doing a quick job and it doesn’t need to be perfect. If it helps, you can even work against a timer.

How to Clean Bedrooms, Fast

It’s easy to straighten up a bedroom in next to no time. All you need is a keen eye and quick hands. Generally, we suggest that doing a quick clean of the bedrooms in your home should only take 7 minutes per room. It may not seem like a lot, but you can really turn a space around in a short amount of time if you know what to work on as priority.

Make all the Beds

One of the easiest ways to tidy up a room fast is to make the bed. While it may not be your favourite job (who’s is it, really), making the bed can have a significant effect on the tidy feel of a space. In fact, you’ll be surprised how much more managable the bedrooms in your home seem once the beds are made.

Clear the Clutter

The next step to cleaning a bedroom fast is to clear the clutter. Whether it’s toys scattered on the floor, rubbish lying around, or piles of dirty laundry, taking a minute or two to pick everything up and put it away can really make a difference. And if there’s too much to deal with before your guests arrive, fill a laundry box with everything and hide it in one of the wardrobes for another day. I know it’s not technically cleaning, but sometimes it’s all you have time for.

Spot Hoover the Floors

A spot hoover is far faster than a thorough hoover as the goal is to just get rid of any debris you find on the floor. It should literally take a minute or two as you hoover up any dirt on your carpet. And then, the bedrooms are done!

How to Clean Main Living Areas Quickly

As with the bedrooms, the first thing you need to start with is decluttering. Take a couple of minutes to put away remote controls, stack magazines, and straighten cushions. If this is all you have time for, that’s okay. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it will make to the room.

Dust Surfaces with Microfibre Cloths and Spray

If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, grab your surface spray and a microfibre cloth and wipe down all visible surfaces. If you don’t want to spend precious time dusting under everything on your shelves, just dust around items for now. You can do a more thorough clean another time.

Spot Hoover the Lounge

Finally, to complete your sptiz clean of the lounge, do a quick spot hoover. As with the bedrooms, a spot hoover simply means you can the areas of your lounge carpet that are visibly dirty. It’s a quick task and ensures your carpets look presentable and your home looks put together, even if it’s not had a deep clean.

Clear Up the Kitchen

The final room of the house to tackle is the kitchen. Arguably, this is the easiest room of all. But perhaps we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Clear and Clean the Kitchen Counters

The easiest way to clean your kitchen quickly is to clear all dishes, dirty plates, and foods from the counters first. This gives you the opportunity to easily wipe down countertops for a clean-looking kitchen.

Load the Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher, there’s nothing easier than loading it while you’re clearing the counters. Dishwashers save you loads of time, too! If you don’t have a dishwasher, you may have to wash the dishes by hand. That’s if you have time left before your guests arrive… And that’s it, it really is that simple! In just one hour you can have a home that’s ready to recieve and impress guests. Don’t believe us? Try these tips for yourself and see your home transform before your eyes.

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