Top Tips for Easier Cleaning in the Kitchen

Kitchen Cleaning

Your favourite Brighton Cleaning company is back with some top tips to help you ease the stress of day to day cleaning tasks. We all love a spotless home but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours on end cleaning. Take a look at our top tips to make your domestic chores and you can keep your home beautifully clean and still have plenty of time to enjoy it.

Clean Your Oven Last

Oven HobThe oven and hob are usually the dirtiest part of a kitchen so start to the right of it, work your way around and finish by cleaning your oven. You can spray your oven with powerful foam cleaner before you start. That way by the time you’re ready to tackle it your cleaning solution will have worked its magic and the task will be much easier. For all the cleaning advice you need to effectively clean your oven, click here.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink


Did you know that kitchen sinks generally contain more bacteria than a toilet and if you’ve got young children it’s even more important to keep the bugs at bay. To ensure your sink is thoroughly clean use soap and water first and give your sink a good scrub, paying particular attention to anywhere that bacteria could gather such as around the plug hole and the taps. Next spray a light application of vinegar (you can use a trigger sprayer to do this) followed by a light mist of hydrogen peroxide and then let the sink air dry. Once you’ve sprayed hydrogen peroxide, don’t use a cloth to wipe excess moisture away as kitchen cloths also tend to contain lots of bacteria.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Dishwasher

DishwasherDishwashers can be a breeding ground for bacteria so give yours a regular onceover to remove any dried on food and stains. Use a slightly damp sponge and sprinkle with baking powder and wipe around the seals of your machine. To clean the interior use specialist dishwasher soap designed to kill bacteria and put your dishwasher on a short cycle at the hottest possible temperature. If members of your family may be vulnerable to flu or colds then place a quarter of a cup of bleach in your soap tray along with your detergent. When the cycle is finished the bleach will be completely rinsed off but will sanitize your dishes as they wash.

Wipe Down All Counter Tops

Storage ContainersThe fastest and most effective way to easily clean your kitchen and get it ready for guests is to wipe down all countertops and surfaces. You can either use an antibacterial spray and a microfibre cloth to do this or antibac wipes – both are just as fast and effective. when wiping down your countertops, be sure to wipe over storage containers to get rid of any lingering dust. Your kitchen will look transformed once the counters have been cleaned.

Clean Your Dishes

DishesWe’ve all had those days where we haven’t bothered to do the washing up or load our dishwashers. The dishes build up on the kitchen counters, in the sink, and on the table, making your kitchen look significantly dirtier and messier than it really is. So, to quickly clean your kitchen, fill the sink and wash all of those dishes that have been stacked on the side. Once your dishes have been cleaned, your kitchen will look far more manageable.

Super Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

  • Oven: Avoid having to scrub the base of your oven by lining the bottom with a non-stick oven liner which you can peel off and replace regularly.
  • Disposal: If you’ve got a waste disposal in your sink drop in some ice cubes, salt and a chopped up lemon or lime. The salt and ice will clean off any residue and the lemon will get rid of any odours.
  • Avoid Paper Towels: Microfibre cloths are incredibly handy and they’re reusable too as they can be cleaned in a washing machine, so if you use them instead of paper towels you’ll save money.
  • Start Before you Eat: When you cook dinner fill your kitchen sink with hot soapy water and place your pots, pan and other equipment in the sink as you cook, that way your dirty items can soak as you eat and they’ll be incredibly easy to wash up when you’re finished.