Top Domestic Cleaning Tips for a Super Clean Bedroom


At Why Bother we are pride of our knowledge when it comes to domestic cleaning tips, and are always looking to spread our knowledge with you guys. One thing that we all know is that a dirty or messy bedroom can really get you down, but did you know that it could also affect your sleep, aggravate allergies and adversely affect your stress levels? If you’d like to make your bedroom into a dream space and ensure it’s always clean and well organised then follow these top tips.

Make your Bed Everyday

Bed LinenYour mother may always have moaned at you to make your bed but she was right! If your bed is neat you’re half way there so neaten up your bed every morning after you wake up. If you’ve got a garden or outside space then hang out your duvet and pillows once a month for as long as possible to give them a good airing.

Clean Out Your Drawers

Most of us have several items of clothing stuffed in wardrobes or drawers that we’re never going to wear so give all your drawers a good clear out – that way you can avoid your bedroom surfaces becoming a dumping ground for clothes as you’ll always have space to put things away.

Declutter Your Bedside Tables

It’s easy to  let clutter build up on your bedside tables so use a small box for everything you need such as moisturiser, a book or hand mirror. If it doesn’t fit in the box, you don’t need it and you avoid piling things onto your tables.

Keep Your Bedroom Floor Clean

Wooden FloorsIf you have hard floors in your bedroom use a fine bristled broom to sweep or use a powerful vacuum cleaner. A rug will pick up dust and dirt and stop your floors form getting dirty as quickly but make sure you clean it regularly too.

Clean Your Carpets Regularly

If you suffer with allergies, having carpets can make them worse as it’s easier for dust mites to gather in fibres. To reduce this problem, make sure you vacuum at least once a week to eliminate as much dust from your carpets as possible.

Make Your Mirrors Sparkle

For stunningly clean and streak free mirrors spray the glass with vinegar using a trigger spray and then rub vigorously with rolled up newspaper or grease proof paper (like chip wrapping paper) until the surface is dry and streak free.

Stay on Top of Your Laundry Pile

LaundryKeep a laundry basket in your bedroom so dirty clothes don’t end up in a pile on the floor. Place a lavender bag in your laundry basket to eliminate odours, or you can fill a cotton bag with baking powder and place in your basket.

Keep Your Curtains Clean

Curtains can gather a lot of dust so choose curtains that are eeasily removed for cleaning. Avoid beating or shaking your curtains as this will simply spread dust around the room.

Wash Your Linen Regularly

When you change your bedding, leave off your bed sheets for a few hours to give your mattress an airing. To keep your mattress clean you can vacuum it with a powerful cleaner (for more information read in detail about cleaning mattresses here). To preserve your mattress for many years, be sure to rotate it and turn it over once a month. When buying new bedding look for hypoallergenic products to keep allergies at bay.

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