The Single Guy’s Guide to Domestic Cleaning


There are tons of benefits to the bachelor lifestyle, the best of which is of course that you can use your pad to entertain the ladies. But nothing puts a woman off more than a dirty toilet, pants strewn floor or sink full of stinky dishes. So here are some important tips about domestic cleaning.

If you’re moving in to a new place then start off on the right foot by hiring a professional cleaning company to give our place the once-over. They’ll clean your new abode to within an inch of it’s life, including areas like the inside of cupboards, toilet interiors and even your oven, hob and extractor.

If you’re taking old furniture with you then ask the company you hire to steam clean it along with any carpets, rugs, curtains and soft furnishings. A professional steam clean will give everything you own a new lease of life and can make carpets and furniture look as good as the day they were purchased.

Stick to a Cleaning Routine

ClockOnce your home is completely spotless you can always keep it clean with relatively little effort, provided you find a routine and stick to it. There are certain things which should be done every one to two days like vacuuming or sweeping floors and cleaning sinks, showers or baths.

Although it might seem like a lot of effort to scrub your shower every other day, if you do it will take just a couple of minutes, whereas if you leave it longer it turns into a much more strenuous and laborious job.

Keep on Top of those Dirty Dishes

DishesCooking is one household task that can create a lot of mess so when you cook, keep on top of the dirty items you create rather than letting them build up. Before you dish up fill your sink with hot soapy water and place all your dirty items in. That way they’ll soak while you eat and will be ready to be washed up or put in the dishwasher when you’ve finished.

A great cheat’s way to keep your oven clean is to buy a special liner which can be laid at the bottom. When it’s dirty simply remove it and replace with a new oven liner – what could be simpler?

Always Remember to Make Your Bed

BedroomIf you really want to live like a Lothario then your bedroom needs to always look presentable. Make your bed every morning when you wake up and change your bedding at least once a week. Keep a hamper or something similar in your room for your dirty laundry and put your clothes away each night when you get ready for bed.

Wooden floors can look great in a bedroom but they can also get covered with dirt and grit quickly. If you have wooden floors add a large rug to your room. It will inject more warmth and help keep your floors cleaner for longer.

Get Rid of Bad Odours

Cherry Blossom, Japanese Cherry, SmellOne aspect of keeping house that many single men forget is nice smells. Steam cleaning is the best way to get nasty niffs out of soft furnishings, but add some extra scents to your rooms with pot pourri or air freshener. Scented candles are great in the evening and give a gentler effect than most aerosol air fresheners.

Clean Your Toilet

There is nothing more unattractive to a woman than a man who has a dirty toilet in his home. After all, imagine bringing a date home for a drink or two and she goes to use your bathroom only to discover how dirty and unhygienic the toilet is. Always prioritise keeping your toilet clean – it really will make all the difference. For more advice, check out our article full of tips on cleaning your bathroom and keeping it clean. A clean bathroom is great for impressing the ladies.

Reduce the Clutter

ClutterA build-up of clutter can make your home seem dirtier than it is and perhaps one of the reasons it does this is because excessive clutter makes it extremely difficult to clean. Get yourself into a good routine of clearing surfaces in your home at the end of every day. That newspaper from your train ride this morning? You’ve already read it – throw it in the recycling. That half empty glass of water from yesterday’s dinner, wash it up. The TV remotes and those game consoles? Put them away.

Everything in your home should have it’s own alloted space – this will help you signifciantly reduce the clutter in your property, making it easier to clean and more managable in general.

Hoover on a Regular Basis

HooverThis point is especially important if you have dark carpets as dust, dirt, and debris are extremely visible on dark surfaces and your home will look far dirtier than it actually is! Hoover your house on a regular basis to keep on top of the cleaning. It only takes a couple of minutes per room. So, if you hoovered one room every day, you’d keep your home clean with and only use up a few minutes of your time. It really is that easy!

And that’s it, a couple of simple steps and you will have a home that is easy to manage, cleanly, and in the perfect condition to show off to friends and family.