Incredible Spring Cleaning Tips You Won’t Want to Miss


It may still be freezing outside but it won’t be long until the country warms up again and it’s time for a little spring cleaning. There are few of us out there who look forward to our cleaning tasks but they don’t always have to be a hassle. Follow these top cleaning tips to make your spring cleaning quick, easy and effective this year.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Tackle your kitchen in a circle to keep track of where you’ve cleaned and where you haven’t. Start on the right hand side of your oven and work your way around. The hob and oven are usually the most dirty area in a kitchen so leaving it till last will help you avoid parading dirt, grease and grime as you clean. Before you begin soak your oven grills and nobs in warm soapy water and by the time you’ve tackled the rest of the kitchen they’ll be ready to clean.

Sanitise Your Sink Dishwasher

Did you know that the average kitchen sink contains more bacteria than a toilet? To make sure your sink is spotless and free from germs use a high quality disinfectant to carefully clean your sink bowl, taps and any areas where dirt can gather. Once you’ve scrubbed your sink, spray it with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar and leave to dry. A couple of drops of mineral oil buffed on with a soft cloth will make a stainless steel sink gleam.

You’re On Dishwasher Duty

Using a damp sponge and a generous amount of baking powder wipe the insides of youe dishwasher and around all the seals to remove any dirt or dried on food. Use a dishwasher cleaning tablet and run an empty cycle once a month to kill off any harmful bacteria.

Easy Oven Cleaning Advice Oven

A superb cleaning tip for those chef’s in the making. Ovens can be a complete nightmare to clean, especially when they’re covered in months of grease and burnt on food, so why not just avoid cleaning altogether lining the bottom of your oven with a non-stick liner which can be removed and placed in the dishwasher so it can be reused several times. If you oven cleaning advice from the experts, click here.

Clean Your Sink Disposal

Sink disposals can become smelly so keep yours fresh by placing some salt, ice cubes and a chopped up lemon in the disposal and switching it on. The salt will act as an abrasive to remove dirt and lemon is a powerful deodoriser.

Forget Using Paper Towels

Paper towels may seem like a convenient choice but they’re incredibly bad for the environment and in many cases they’re not suitable for the job you have in mind anyway. Use microfiber cloths instead which are absorbent, easy to use and can be washed and used again.

Pre-Washing Up

Before you begin to cook dinner fill up your sink with hot soapy water, then as you use each item you can place it in the sink and by the time dinner is over all your crockery, cutlery and utensils will have had a good soak and be quick and easy to get clean.

Have You Found These Spring Cleaning Tips Useful?

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