Mopping Tips for Kitchens, Bathrooms & Hard Floors

Mopping needn’t be a chore. In our grandmothers’ time the only way to clean a floor was to get down on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush and a bucket of hot water. Murder for your back. Some purists would say (myself included) that this is the best way to get a floor clean. However, realistically most people use mops these days.

Here are some tips on how to get the best result from mopping your floor:

Firstly always vacuum your floor thoroughly, leaving no hairs or detritus behind. Unless this is done, all you’re going to do is push dirty water and muck around, not cleaning it up. Firstly use your vacuum to do the large areas of the floor (moving tables, bins, etc. out of the way first). Then, using the brush attachment, get right into the corners and underneath things. (Under the front of the fridge is a place where dirt and dust gathers.)

Then consider the type of flooring that you’re mopping: is it natural stone, is it lino, is it tile (ceramic or porcelain)? Be sure that you use the right cleaning products on the right surface.

Fill your mop bucket with hot water and detergent. Whilst you mop, always ensure that the water in the mop bucket is still clean. If the water is dirty that means your flooring is not going to get the best finish possible.

Give the flooring a quick once over and then change the water. Then really go to town (working towards the door) and using a figure of eight motion to mop. Keep rinsing your mop as you go. Any stubborn sticky or dirty marks may require you to clean with a cloth and a squirt of detergent. Any horrible nasties like chewing gym can be removed using a plastic scraper – with care!

There is a huge choice of mops out there, Vileda do a great range. Some people prefer sponge headed or flat head mops. Decide what works best for you. Whatever type of mop you choose, make sure you change the mop head regularly.

If you ensure that you wring out the mop thoroughly, you can leave the floor to air dry which will only take a couple of minutes. Failing that, wipe down with either an old, dry cloth or some kitchen roll.

Job done.