Best Cleaning Tips for Bathrooms

Why Bother Cleaning

Keeping all rooms in your home clean is essential, but the bathroom is especially important. Not only is cleaning this room vital for health reasons, it is also a room in your home that may be visited by guests so you will probably want to present it well. Bad odours, bacteria, stains and mould are all cleaning problems that you may encounter in the bathroom and each of these must be tackled in a different way. Using the following bathroom cleaning tips will help you to make light work of cleaning your bathroom.

Declutter the Bathroom

There are three reasons you should declutter the bathroom. Firstly, clutter can give the impression that the room is untidy or even dirty. Secondly, anything left lying around is gathering dust and bacteria and this can cause additional cleaning. Finally, it is harder and more time-consuming to clean the surfaces the clutter is covering. Either reduce the number of things you keep in your bathroom or use clever storage to keep things out of sight.

Toilet Cleaning

The toilet is where most of the bacteria will build up in your bathroom, so regular cleaning is a must. Using a toilet brush or an abrasive sponge will get rid of any stubborn rings or stains. In homes with boys, deposits of urine often build up around the hinge of the toilet seat. Use a toothbrush dipped in bleach to get into any nooks and crannies. Naturally, you’ll need to make sure you keep this toothbrush away from the other toothbrushes and store with your cleaning products and equipment. Mark the handle with nail varnish to avoid any confusion. It is also advisable to use an antibacterial spray to combat any germs when cleaning the loo.

Sinks and Baths

Before cleaning other areas of your bathroom, spray the bath and sink with an all-purpose cleaner and leave to stand. While you are doing other jobs, the cleaning spray dissolves soap, toothpaste and any other scum, making it easier to wipe clean. If you have a detachable showerhead over your bath, use this to rinse the tub out. If not, buy a detachable rubber shower head that you can attach to the bath tap when you are cleaning.


Generally, spraying with all-purpose cleaner and then wiping over the tiles with a damp cloth is sufficient to clean the tiles. However, if you have any particularly tough stains, you might want to try something more abrasive. Making a solution of lemon juice, bicarbonate of soda and water can work wonders as it is abrasive and can even cut through grease.

Cleaning Floors

First, sweep any debris away and remove the bath mat for washing. Use hot water and bleach to mop the floor. You can use an old toothbrush to get into the corners and around the edges of your bathroom fittings. If you find the smell of bleach a little harsh, try using a small scoop of laundry powder to add a nice fragrance.

Shower Doors

You don’t need to send a fortune buying special glass cleaners to make your shower doors sparkle, as making your own glass cleaning solution is simple. Adding white vinegar to water in a spray bottle will remove any dirt, grease and stains from the glass. You can use the same solution on mirrors and windows, too.

Using these bathroom cleaning tips will help you to make your bathroom look its best and smell fantastic. They will also make cleaning your bathroom much easier and reduce the number of bacteria in this part of your home.