Why Commercial Cleaning is Crucial – Especially Now

Even though commercial cleaning may not be at the top of your priority list for your business, operating in a clean space is an extremely important part of the everyday running of a company, especially now when we are all adjusting to what’s being commonly referred to as ‘the new normal’.

Here’s why…

Putting your best foot forward

Looks may not be everything, and we all know it’s best not to judge a book by its cover. However, we cannot ignore potential unconscious biases; offices that are dirty, dusty and coffee-stained can reflect poorly on a company. If a business can’t take care of its office environment, how will it take care of its customer accounts? How will it ensure its finances are neat and tidy?

A poorly cleaned office also suggests carelessness and inconsistent values within an organisation; if a company does not value high standards of presentation, perhaps it will make for a difficult partner, service provider, or employer? By ensuring that your business has a professional standard of cleaning, it indicates that you’re engaged, organised, and hard-working.

Whether you’re preparing to conduct meetings in your space or are getting ready to welcome in new recruits, we all know the importance of making a good first impression, but it’s easy to overlook that your office is also making a first impression.

Cleanliness boosts motivation

A well-maintained office is also important to existing employees. Studies show that a clean work environment can positively influence the productivity of employees, so making sure the office is looked after can actually help boost company performance.

Providing your staff with a clean workplace also aligns with how valued an employee feels when they are working with you. Employees that feel cared for are much more likely to work more effectively within the business and are much more likely to stay with your business for longer.

Your staff should feel positive about their working space – and they should see the effort their employer puts into maintaining a clean and comfortable work environment for them.

‘The new normal’

As we are starting to adjust to what many are calling ‘the new normal’, this also means taking a closer look at the ways that we keep our commercial premises clean.

Many businesses are having to look at the ways they can reopen their doors, dust off the cobwebs, comply with health and safety guidelines and keep their team and clients safe.

Due to offices being closed for the past few months, dust and dirt has been able to collect over this time. To prepare for reopening, and potential areas that experience high levels of foot traffic, these spaces need to be spotless.

This means that now more so than ever, a commercial deep cleaning service is crucial to your business.

Who has the time?

So, whilst we may have made some great points about why commercial cleaning is crucial, it’s not realistic to assume every business has the time to ensure that their space is cleaned to the highest degree.

You already have enough on your plate within your business and it’s difficult to juggle a clean workspace and to secure future prospects simultaneously. While you are undertaking cleaning tasks (to an unprofessional standard) you could be working on your expert area: projects and plans which will help to grow your business.

Your approach to workplace cleaning, meanwhile, may even cost you valuable new opportunities.

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