Top Domestic Cleaning Tips that Really Work!

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Whether you adore a good scrub or couldn’t think of anything you’d like to do less, everyone can benefit from a cleaning tip or two from one of the most prestigious office and domestic cleaning companies in sector. If cleaning is not your thing, it could simply be because you’re going about it the wrong way. With the correct advice and a clever trick or two, getting your home spic and span can really be a piece of cake and give you more time to relax and eat that cake! So take a look below for our top domestic cleaning tips that really work.

1. Clean Plastic Tupperware

Have you ever noticed how your plastic tupperware retains the smell of your lunch at the end of a long day of work – no matter how many times you wash it? Get rid of nasty niffs and stains from plastic tupperware items by soaking them overnight in hot water and baking powder. The baking powder will do a fantastic job of getting rid of those smelly problems.

2. Use a Lint Roller

Fabric lamp shades can be a real dust trap around the home, in addition to your curtains and roman blinds. A lint roller is one of the best ways to remove dust from these spaces and keep them clean and clear all year round.

3. Old Cotton Socks

It is a waste of money to buy dusting mitts, especially as old cotton socks will do the job just as well. Alternatively, you could purchase microfibre cloths. These do a great job at collecting the dust and carrying it off furniture items without wiping it onto the floor – a common cause of rises in allergies.

4. Remove Spilled Wax

Spilled wax is a common problem for homeowners, particularly at Christmas time when candles easily get knocked over. However, it’s nothing to worry about as removing wax really isn’t a problem. Simply place a paper towel over the wax and iron on a low setting. Move the paper towel around until the wax has been fully absorbed.

5. Remove Animal Hair

Removing animal hair from around the home can be a real task! However, we have a simple trick for you; simply wet a marigold and wipe it over the animal hair on your furniture. It is one of the easiest ways to remove hair from furniture in a quick an easy movement. It saves brushing furniture excessively with cloths, simply moving the hair around.

6. Remove Red Wine Stains

If you spill red wine on your carpet, it can cause quite a panic – especially if you don’t have any stain remover to hand! Something that we’ve found works quite well is using shaving cream. Simply spray the shaving cream over the stain, let it sit for a little while and then wipe away. The shaving cream should help lift the stain and restore your carpet to its former glory.

7. Hydrogen Proxide and Keyboards

Your computer keyboard is one of the dirtiest areas in your home, containing an incredible amount of bacteria. So, it is essential you disinfect yours at least once a month by using hydrogen peroxide on a cotton bud.

8. Clean Your Chopping Board

A stained chopping board is a common problem, especially if you use the same chopping board to make every meal on. But it is so easy to fix this problem, simply rub your stained chopping board with half a slice of lemon – it works every time!

Hopefully the above quick tips have been helpful and have given you all the tools you will ever need to get a domestic cleaning job done. And if you ever need some help or a little bit of help, our team at Why Bother Cleaning are here to help.