Margaret McMullin’s Top Domestic Cleaning Tips

Mopping the floor

We interviewed Margaret McMullin, Britain’s best housekeeper to get the insider tack on domestic cleaning tips and find out what makes her tick. Here’s what she had to say:

Don’t Over Polish

You really only need to polish wood on an annual basis, but don’t use a silicone polish, natural beeswax is much better. For the rest of the year use a lint free cloth to give your wood a good buffing and get rid of any fingerprints with a little white wine vinegar diluted in water.

Dust Once a Week

Dusting is a job you need to do once a week to keep on top of it. An ostrich feather duster is the best kind to use because the feathers contain natural oils that dust will stick too, but use a damp cloth too for any particularly dusty areas.  It’s important to start at the ceiling and work your way down to the floor. Use a hairdryer on a cool setting to clean any particularly fragile ornaments or items like crystal chandeliers.

Bicarbonate of Soda Gets Rid of Smells

Bicarbonate of soda is great for deodorising. You can use it to clean your chopping board if you’ve been slicing onions, or to keep drains smelling fresh pour a cup of half vinegar, half bicarb down your sink every week. Let it froth up then rinse it away with a kettle full of boiling water.

Use White Vinegar

You can never have enough white vinegar in your cupboard. It’s wonderful at cleaning crusty residue of taps – simply soak some kitchen roll in vinegar, wrap it around the tap and leave overnight. Or use vinegar and a lint free cloth to clean watermarks off your shower door.

Iron your SheetsBed Linen

It may seem like a thankless task but there’s no better feeling than slipping between crisp, clean ironed sheets, so it really is worthwhile making the effort to iron. Hospital corners are the best way to keep your sheets in place as you sleep.

Feather Pillows Need Replacing

Feather pillows are often the comfiest option but they do need replacing from time to time. If you think your feather pillow has run its course, balance it on your hand. If the sides of the pillow begin to droop downwards it’s time for a new one. If they stand firm then your pillow is still good to go.

Eliminate Hard Towels

Towels tend to feel hard if you use fabric softeners or washing powder because when the towels are dried the mineral deposits in the cleaners get baked in. To stop this happening use a liquid detergent as opposed to powder and remove your towels from the washing line or tumble drier whilst they’re still slightly damp.

Get Cleaning Today

Using the cleaning tips above, get cleaning your home today! Clean thoroughly and often to keep on top of the daily chores. After all, regular cleaning cuts down on the dirt, dust, and bacteria in your home. We hope you’ve found these tips from Margaret McMullin helpful! If you would like further professional advice, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Why Bother Cleaning for more tips and tricks. Alternatively, check out the articles full of cleaning advice on our blog!