How to Keep Your Office Space Clean Throughout the Week

An office full of people can make a whole lot of mess in the space of a week and it can be difficult keeping communal areas tidy. But with our simple tips you can keep your office space clean throughout the week, making it manageable for that end-of-week clean (whether you do it yourself or your hire a commercial cleaning service).

Keep the Desks Clear

One rule to instil with new and existing employees is the expectation that they leave their desks clean and tidy at the end of each working day. By this, we mean throwing away any food wrappers or excess papers and straightening all belongings. The habit of clearing desks at the end of each day is a positive way to keep on top of office clutter. The mess will particularly be noticeable if you have opted for white office furniture items, so make sure you’re clutter-free on a daily basis!

Avoid Food Messes

Office life can be busy and sometimes it’s easier to eat lunch at your desk. While this can be a simple and quick solution to meal-times, it can create a lot of mess. Germs can accumulate, crumbs litter keyboards, and sticky fingers leave marks.

To avoid food messes, stash a packet of anti-bacterial wipes in a drawer under each desk, this makes it simple and easy for each employee to wipe away any spills or crumbs after they’ve eaten – avoiding stains and dirt build-up.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is Your Best Friend

Think about all those client meetings and post-lunch phone calls. Your hands go through a lot in a work day and they pick up many germs besides. To avoid spreading germs from your hands onto your keyboard, mouse, computer screen, or even the food you eat, be sure to use hand sanitiser regularly.

And it’s even more important to keep your hands clean when there is sickness spreading around the office! So, always keep your hand sanitiser nearby!

Take Out the Rubbish

If your office doesn’t have a daily cleaner helping you to keep things in order, it’s important you carry out a few small jobs daily to keep your office clean and tidy. Taking out the rubbish is one of those jobs that needs doing daily and it helps reduce odours and bacteria around the office.

To making taking out the rubbish easy, designate a cleaning rota so that everyone takes out the rubbish on a designated day. This will help the job seem less overwhelming and will keep the office under control.

Keep on Top of the Papers

Piles of papers are a common sight in most offices and they can be a stressful problem to deal with. However, there is a solution – filing! Simply sifting through the stacks of papers and sorting them into two piles (one for filing and the other for shredding) can make a huge difference.

Alternatively, if it’s possible for your business to do so, you could help save the environment and go digital – organising all your files into one online space. It will also help cut down on the paper stacks in the office, too. What could be better?

Clean Your Computer Screen

You stare at your computer day for most of the day, but it can suffer with splatters of food, germs from sneezing, dust particle build-ups, and more! It’s pretty gross when you really think about it. However, it can be solved easily and quickly! Simply keep a packet of screen wipes next to your computer and give your screen a thorough wipe down at the end of each day.

Do Your Part

Your space is your responsibility. Encourage everyone in the office to keep their desks clean and clear. Not only does this make a good impression on potential clients and new visitors, it also makes for a more productive working environment.

Hire a Commercial Cleaner

Keeping on top of the office cleaning throughout the week can be a demanding and time-consuming job, but not as much as a thorough end-of-the-week clean.

So, to take a load off, why not hire a commercial cleaner to thoroughly clean your office every week? That way you won’t have to worry about it and your office space will look fantastic and be maintained to a high professional standard, creating a motivational environment to work in and a welcoming and professional space to welcome clients to.