A Happy Clean Brighton Office with A Professional Office Cleaning Company

Most people have experienced working in a dull, stressful or unfriendly office and if you want to guarantee poor work performances and personal problems, then having an office like this is a sure fire way to go about it.Brighton Office Cleaning

However, you can make even the most soul draining of jobs more enjoyable by ensuring your workspace is a great place to be. So if you’d like to up the happiness quota in your office space then follow these eight tips:

1. Health and happiness go hand in hand so encourage your staff to be more active by offering them incentives to walk or bike to work and including a cycle shelter at your premises. You could also provide exercise classes during lunch times or after work or even have workplace spa days where staff can get massages, manicures and other spa treatments on the premises.

2. A tidy office is a tidy mind so if you want to keep your staff focussed and ensure their environment is pleasant then keep your workplace tidy and employ a professional office cleaning company to carry out a regular overhaul.

3. Breaks are a great time for staff bonding to happen, which can lead to improved work, so create a comfortable area where staff can sit and chat over a drink.

4. Recent studies have shown that occupying your mind with a simple tasks develops creativity. You could try including a table tennis table or puzzles corner to your space so staff can use them to think outside the box.

5. Many office spaces have a tendency to mistake professional décor for bland and boring, but the office you work in does have to be all plastic plants and magnolia walls. Inject some of your company’s personality with funky décor, bright colours and interesting art work.

6. The open plan office trend caught on in the 1960s and it’s never really gone away. But the domination of open plan offices is beginning to slip, mainly because they don’t really engender the type of atmosphere they are intended to. Open plan spaces can lead to increased noise pollution and distraction and in addition can make staff feel watched and on display, so if your office is open plan it could be worthwhile partitioning.

7. Most of us work long hours which means we spend a lot of time in the office, so there should be some room for having fun and letting your hair down a little. There are tons of games, challenges and tasks you can set for staff that will add a little excitement to their day and make work more fun. For example you could have lunchtime karaoke contests, party games on a Friday afternoon or a charity fancy dress day.

8. If you’re able to play music in your office it can be a great way to increase productivity and motivation, but it’s important to choose music that won’t irritate or offend. You can give your staff a sense of ownership by enlisting them to create an office playlist that everyone has had a hand in.