Domestic Cleaning Tips for Teens – How to Clean your Bedroom Fast!

If mum and dad are moaning about the state of your room again don’t despair! Domestic Cleaning doesn’t have to take all day and it doesn’t have to be boring either. Take a look below for lots of useful tips on cleaning your room fast!

Put Some Music On

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Listening to music is a great motivator especially while doing domestic cleaning so turn on your favourite tunes and dance around whilst you clean, it will make the task seem like much more fun. Switch off your laptop and phone so you don’t get distracted by friends or surfing the net.

Buy a Waste Basket – It Will Make a Difference

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If you don’t have a bin in your room then get one! They only cost a few pounds or ask your mum if she has a spare one you can use. But don’t put food or items that will start to get smelly in it, take them straight to your kitchen instead.

Put Your Clothes Away

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I’m sure you’ve been told on many occasions that your floor is not a wardrobe. It may be annoying when mums and dads are right but in this case they are. It’s much easier to keep on top of mess if you put clean clothes away immediately and place dirty things in a washing basket.

Clear the Clutter

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It’s easy to accumulate things in your room and house in terms of home cleaning that don’t belong there like friends CDs or books, crockery and glasses or your brother’s toys, so make sure you remove everything that’s not yours and put it in its proper place.

Give Unwanted Items to Charity

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Do a good deed and get rid of the junk you don’t want by clearing out your cupboards of everything you don’t want anymore and giving it to charity. But remember, if it’s broken, bent or beyond repair then recycle it or throw it away.

Make Some Pocket Money

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Alternatively, you could make a bit of extra pocket money selling your old things on an auction site, but make sure you ask your parents if it’s ok to do so first.

Start Cleaning!

Once you’ve got rid of all the clutter you can start to clean. Don’t forget to look under your bed and in any nooks and crannies as you clean so you can give all your awkward spaces a good dust and polish.

Make Your Bed

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Get into the habit of making your bed every morning. It takes less than a minute, will make your room seem instantly tidier and it’s much nicer to get into a freshly made bed than a messy one when it’s time to hit the hay.

Hoover the Floor

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Vacuum your floor at least once a week to stop dirt and debris from building up. Dust mites aggravate allergies so vacuum more often if you have asthma or eczema to keep flare ups under control. Vacuuming is the most important part of cleaning especially in terms of domestic cleaning.

Reduce the Dust

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Control the clutter in your room and it will be less dusty. The more bits and bobs you have out on display the more you’ll have to clean. TVs and laptops are especially good at attracting dust so wipe them clean every week.

It really is that easy to clean your room and your parents will be grateful that you’re keeping your space tidy. Who knows, they may even up your allowance as a reward!