How to Clean Those Commonly Forgotten Spaces in Your Home

Let’s be honest, we all enjoy having a home that is clean and tidy (at least some of the time, anyway). But how well do you clean your home? You may be diligent in wiping down the surfaces, dusting regularly, washing the linen, and cleaning the oven, but what about those areas you don’t see or sometimes completely forget about?

Away from the obvious house cleaning tasks, there are some areas of your home you may never have thought about cleaning. Many of these spaces have been secretly harbouring dirt and grime for weeks, months, or perhaps even years! So, let’s take a look at those commonly forgotten spaces in your home and find out how to clean them properly.

Your Shower Curtain

Image result for shower curtainYou may be a bathroom-cleaning-expert, but have you ever given any thought to your shower curtain? Many of us probably rinse the shower curtain after we’ve had a shower, but this action alone isn’t enough. Over time your shower curtain can begin to mould and the germs its been harbouring can be harmful to your health.

You should remove your shower curtain every few weeks and give it a wash in the washing machine. There’s no need to dry it in a specific way as it can simply be re-hung while still wet and left to dry as it would after a shower. If you’re super organised, you may remember to clean your shower curtain once a week when you do the rest of the bathroom linen. Cleaning your shower curtain is an easy task but one that is easily forgotten about.

Your Remote Controls

Television Remote Control Television ProgrWhat would those Friday night moves look like without a big bowl of salty popcorn (or sweet, if that’s what you prefer)? We all enjoy a good ol’ veg in front of the television with a big bowel of snacks once in a while. But have you ever stopped to think how often you’ve used your dirty hands to change the channel, pause the movie for that much-needed loo break, or turn up the volume?

Germs from your fingers end up on the remote-control night after night and this build up of bacteria can be extremely harmful to your health. To avoid this, make sure to use an antibacterial wipe and give your remote-control a thorough wipe over once a week. This will banish the germs and help you enjoy movie night without the worry of sick family members in the morning.

The Curtains in Your Home

Image result for curtainsI know, the thought of cleaning your curtains may seem overwhelming and also a little ridiculous. But trust me when I say, cleaning your curtains is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home clean, comfortable and dust-free.

Your curtains are fantastic at holding onto dust and dirt from the air and they can be significant contributors to household allergies. What’s more, if you have pets, it’s likely pet hair has become trapped in your curtains and built-up over time. So, it’s incredibly important you clean your curtains regularly. I would recommend washing your curtains once every three months to ensure they are in good shape.

Your Household Drains

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Many of us don’t think about cleaning our drains. After all, we can’t see the insides of them and they just flush everything away, right?


Your drains need cleaning and maintenance just like the rest of your home and they can be one of the most forgotten about spaces. If you do not clean your drains regularly, they can easily become blocked by build-ups of debris, hair, soap suds, and food items – and blocked drains can be a very expensive problem to fix! So, we would advise preventing these problems by keeping your drains clean. Cleaning your drains couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is pour a cupful of bleach into your drains and follow it with a kettle of boiling water. Do this once every few weeks and you will ensure your drains continue to run smoothly.

Skirting Boards

The next time your dusting your house, don’t forget the skirting boards. The skirting boards around your home basically work as little dust shelves and can be covered in dust for weeks, months, or years – depending whether or not you remember to clean them.

By simply adding dusting the skirting boards to your dusting schedule, you can ensure your house is spic and span and eliminate the need for a deep clean once every few years! Not only that, but you can help to significantly reduce allergens in your home and keep the air free from those pesky dust particles. And all it takes is a simple once over every now and again with a dusting cloth, it really couldn’t be easier.

Behind the Furniture

Furniture, BedAlthough the majority of us dust all the surfaces we can see, many of us assume that the dust hidden behind furniture items and under the bed is ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Yes, the dust behind your furniture and under the bed is out of sight, but it can cause a build up of respiratory issues and allergies, bringing it very much to the forefront of your mind.

So, to avoid these problems, it is important you clean behind the furniture and under the bed once a month. Trust me when I say, you will be able to breathe easier and sleep better as a result. Don’t believe me? Give it a try and see for yourself how well it works!

Which Areas Had You Forgotten?

Let us know in the comments below which areas of your home you had forgotten to clean and whether you would like help with keeping them clean on a regular basis.

Here at Why Bother Cleaning, we provide thorough domestic cleaning services for customers throughout Brighton, Hove, and the Sussex area and we would be more than happy to help keep your home thoroughly clean. Call us today for more information about our cleaning services and let us help remember to clean those commonly forgotten spaces!