Amazing End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

The end of every tenancy contract is the ideal and also necessary time for an end of tenancy cleaning and it needs you to hire one of the cleaning companies to do that and to be sure that the house is ready for the next tenants or for us to move in. In this article you will find the ideas to keep your house clean once it cleaned up by a professional cleaning company.

1. How to keep carpets clean?

If you want your carpets to last as long as possible then take your shoes off when you enter your home but leave your socks on! The natural oils in feet attract dirt and dust so if you avoid waliing on your carpets with bare skin they’ll stay cleaner for longer. Vacuuming every day will remove as much dirt and dust as possible but also help to avoid your carpet fibres becoming compacted or worn. A professional carpet cleaning company is the quickest way to get your floor coverings spotless and cleaner carpets can help reduce allergies too.

2. What about top tiles?

Tiles can easily become very dirty mostly due to where we tend to use them in the home and the many nooks and crannies that are left in each line of grout. To scrub your tiles use a cleaner with a neutral PH or try making your own abrasive cleaner using baking powder.

3. Work surface worries

Countertops made from granite, marble and other natural materials can be very expensive to install, so the last thing you want is a stain you can’t get rid of. Once you have your work surface cleaned by professional cleaners make sure that you or the new tenants are not putting hot cooking oil or hot tea or coffee on it and wait until dries. Also after the first sealing, your work surface should be sealed again after a year. If you do spill something that could stain wipe it up as quickly as possible and if it persists try gently rubbing it with a water and hydrogen peroxide solution.

4. In terms of shelving

Book cases are a great storage item but when books are piled in neat rows they can look a little dull. You can give your rooms an entirely new feel by organising your shelves into more interesting configurations. Sort your books by subject and size and try creating a rhythmic pattern of horizontally and vertically stacked books.

5. Amazing area rugs

An area rug can add warmth and interest to a space but after time, they can become tatty. It’s recommended that you get area rugs professionally cleaned every four or five years or once a decade if the rug is rarely walked on. Over cleaning a rug can damage it and make it more threadbare. Always keep a bottle of soda water within easy reach of your rug so that if a spillage occurs it can be dealt with as quickly as possible. Pour the soda water onto the stain immediately, let it soak in and then blot it repeatedly with a dry cloth until the stain is gone.