5 Cleaning Gadgets Worth Buying


No one likes cleaning. Well, nearly no one. Therefore, any gizmo or gadget that makes it easier and quicker is helpful in our book. Here, we have a few ideas to help you clear the decks a little and make your home sparkle. Of course hiring one of the professional cleaning companies is the best option if you don’t have time at all. But if you like to do it yourself,  let’s get some help from technology!

1. iRobot Roomba 800

This beauty is a vacuum cleaner that works intelligently, so no getting sweaty pushing your Henry around with these cool little things. This whizzes quietly around your home using it’s clever design to extract dust and debris from your floors perfectly. This clever robot even knows when it needs charging, returning to its base to recharge between cleanings. It can also be set on a schedule to vacuum when you want it so you don’t even need to remember to turn it on! Genius! When the bin within the Roomba is full there is an indicator to let you know it need emptying and off it can go again. Your own person robot cleaner, very cool.

2. Compressed Air

In comparison to the Roomba this might not sound very impressive, however, you wouldn’t believe how useful a can of compressed air can be to you. It is actually the key to keeping your tech functioning and not becoming another dust covered mass in your room. Keyboards, buttons on TVs and DVD players are all breeding grounds for germs so use this to rid the crevices of any dirt and dust, enabling you to get deep into the crevices of your gadgets.

3. Hard Drive

Not only your physical belongings need cleaning but your virtual ones do too. It really does make a huge difference to have a mass delete of those useless downloads on your computer. Anything you want to keep, but archive, transfer to a hard drive which can be bought very cheaply from supermarkets and computer shops. It will make your machine run so much more quickly allowed you to be even more productive!

4. Shredders for Your Personal Documents 

Stolen identity is a crime we hear a lot about in an age when all of your information can be found relatively easily. However, make this harder for criminals by shredding all of your personal mail instead of simply binning it. Yes this will take you a few minutes more, but is so worth it when all your friends have their bankcards cloned and you don’t.

5. Electrolux iBasket

This is a great piece of kit, especially for those lazy students or teenagers. The iBasket is not only a washing basket but also a washing machine and tumble dryer all in one! You can also remotely monitor it, as the basket is Wi-Fi enabled. All sounds very sci-fi right? It gets better, once the load of washing has completed you get a text or email sent directly to your smart phone! Now, this is only a very early version but can you imagine, in a few months when this has been further developed, how much easier doing the weekly washing and hovering will be. Zero human effort and that sounds good to us.