Top Tips for Car Cleaning

Everyone enjoys when their car looks as good as the day they picked it up from the showroom, and believe it or not there are some great tips and tricks that make this goal a lot simpler than you’d imagine. We have tried to not only collate some car cleaning advice for you all, but also dispel any car cleaning myths to ensure you aren’t scouring away paint, or leaving smeary marks.

We’ll start with one of those myths. Using washing up liquid to wash your car has long been normality for many families. Seeing Dads carry their buckets of suds out to their pride of joy at the weekends is still a common occurrence, however, what they don’t know is that washing up liquid actually accelerates the oxidation process so really shouldn’t be used on your vehicle. Although it’s pricier, buy some specific car cleaner to avoid doing more damage than good.

When you do wash your car, if possible park it in a shaded area and allow the paint to cool before you start. This is because a warm car dries the water and soap more quickly making it much more difficult to achieve that car wash drive through result.

Rinse your car thoroughly before starting to soap t up as you will remove all loose dirt and dust that you would otherwise be soaping with a sponge into the paintwork, unknowingly creating scratches.

Before starting on the interior have a mass clear out. You know, the umbrella you never use, the many drinks cartons from playing taxi to the children and the loose change that annoys you clattering around but never enough for you to take it out. Hoover the inside well to remove the dust and crumbs which will automatically leave your car smelling a lot fresher.

Your car mats can be hosed down with warm water and scrubbed with a hard bristle brush. Blott the excess water off to avoid watermarks, but otherwise they are fine to leave to air dry.

So, let us dispel another myth. That polishing and waxing is the same thing. They are not. Polishing is done to achieve the high shine effect that you expect from a brand new vehicle. Waxing, however, protects the vehicles paintwork, but can be buffed to a shine. It’s really up to you which of these you choose to go for. Waxing can be hard work but really is worth doing, especially when going into Autumn and Winter.

If you find you have stains on the interior carpets the magic solution is a mixture of baking soda and water. Allow it to soak in for around twenty minutes and then rub clean and your interior will be devoid of sticky marks and stains.

You can also use household favourite Shake’n’Vac on your carpets to remove any stale or pet odours and leave your motor smelling fresh as a daisy.