Coca Cola Cleaning Tips

Apart from hiring domestic cleaning services for a big cleaning work, there are some other practical things you could do on your own for those little cleaning tasks at home. By the way, you read the title right. We are giving you some incredible coca cola cleaning tips. The famous carbonated drink we all know and love isn’t only good for quenching our thirst on a hot summers day, but also for eradicating rust, stains and smells from around the home. Here, we tell you how to use this secret weapon to give gleaming results.

Occasionally cars can leak oil on your driveway, or your other half spills oil whilst working on their car or motorbike. Nevertheless, the dark stain cannot be budged by any product or solution, until now. Pour a large bottle of coke directly onto the stain and leave for a few hours. After allowing the liquid to soak into the oil pressure hose the area with water and voila. What oil stain?!

Next, did you know you don’t have to replace your favourite set of golf clubs due to rust? Coke again steps in as the solution. The citric acid in the drink removes the rust particles so is very useful for loads of objects used at home and within the garden. Soak the effected clubs in a container of coke for 24 hours. Remove them and rinse to wash away any stickiness. Radically improved condition quickly and cheaply.

To get your grouting to gleam use a toothbrush dipped into coke and scrub. After you have finished the area that is discoloured rinse with clean water. Even the most worn and stubbornly stained tiles will be cured with a simple can of coke. See, we told you that you wouldn’t believe how useful the fizzy drink you’ve grown up guzzling could be.

Coke has also been known to make obstinate carpet stains disappear. These are inevitable when you have a large (and clumsy) family so don’t panic, just pour a little of the drink onto the stain and after a few minutes use soapy water on top to remove any residue and the stain will come off with the soapy water.

It is not uncommon to throw out any items of clothing that get marked by grease, creosote or even blood. Even the most expensive products can’t remove these kinds of stains. Somehow though, coke can. Add 1 cans worth to your wash as well as the detergent to remove the dirt. Who knew that coke could save your favourite blouse?

When your car won’t start a common issue is the connection between the battery’s connections. If there is built up excess corrosion, your car simply won’t fire up. A quick fix, when the car is turned off, is to pour a can of coke onto the batteries connections and this process removes any corrosion leaving a clean connection and a car that will start again!

The toilet bowl in every home can become discoloured over time, even after regularly using bleach. However, clean freaks worldwide, swear by coke over all other products. Pour a bottle into the toilet and give it a scrub as you usually would. Flush your loo and watch the coke work its magic and leave a shiny clean bowl.