Cleaning Services: A Breakdown of Fees and Tasks

Cleaning services for a  house or office can keep a family or business running smoothly. A hygienic working or living space promotes good health, and keeps away bugs and other pests that can cause a multitude of problems. Many quality companies, both large and small, can provide professional cleaning services designed to maintain an optimum level of functionality for both work and play. Most cleaning companies can vary greatly in the way they charge for their services; however, a basic estimation can be made by considering who want to hire, how much you want cleaned and how often you want them to clean.

Domestic cleaning services usually offers the simplest breakdown of tasks and fees. If you go with a small company, where the owner is doing the cleaning themselves, they may charge by the hour. An Average house with 3 bedrooms, one kitchen and 1-2 small bathrooms is a starting point for price. Cleaning will consist of tidying up, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and a wipe-down of kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Many cleaners will offer to put in a load of laundry while they are there, and dry and fold before they leave, for an extra small fee. Extra rooms, kitchens or bathrooms will require an additional percentage or fee. A deeper cleaning would include; baseboards, windows, blinds, air ducts and any particularly messy or dirty job. Deeper cleanings require a higher rate per hour or per room.
The initial cleaning will cost more than follow-up cleanings. Consider the cleaner attempting to get the space to a “starting” position. Subsequent cleanings typically occur daily, weekly, monthly or whatever you wish to arrange with the owner. The more often the cleaner comes, the less money they will charge per visit, as the sooner the cleaner returns, the less work it will require to get the area back to its “starting” position. You may be required to provide cleaning tools and products for the cleaning, especially if you are particular about what is used. For example: hypo-allergenic or eco-friendly products.
A larger, multi-person cleaning company will initially do an assessment of your home. They may offer to charge by square foot; however, usually, they view the area and estimate both an initial and reoccurring rate. These companies tend to be more expensive than a one-man-job because they must pay employees and cover other costs. Larger companies typically provide their own equipment and pass the cost to the consumer. The up-side to a larger company is they can be more reliable, because they can offer a replacement if your cleaner is sick. Larger companies are usually also bonded, licensed and insured. Consequently, you will have recourse should your household or office items get damaged or go missing.
Almost all businesses require their office cleaning services to be bonded, license and insured. Many will require cleaning companies to bid on the job they would like done. These jobs can be broken down into daily chores like vacuuming and trash removal, and weekly chores like dusting and scrubbing of bathrooms and sinks. Many cleaning companies will refuse to handle electronic equipment such as computers, printers, and servers. These items are extremely delicate and may not covered by many standard insurance plans.