A Cleaner’s Guide to Better Housekeeping – The Living Room

If you’re looking for quick tips to improve your living room, or want to do a deep clean and impress your visitors, our cleaners have the answers for you.

When you’re home, the living room is often where you spend the most time to relax or entertain guests. To maintain a calm, relaxing and cosy atmosphere you can follow these quick and simple tips.

How to refresh your sofa

Regularly flip and plump your sofa cushions, and vacuum underneath every so often.

Remember to move your sofa to hoover underneath it hair and dust will always gather underneath.

How to get hair out of your carpets and rugs

If you have long hair or an animal that sheds a lot, you will understand the struggle of hair collecting deep into your carpets and rugs. The quickest way to effectively remove this is to use a squeegee with a rubber end.

Press the squeegee down quite hard against the carpet / rug and run it along, so the hairs stick to the rubber. If you do not possess one then try using a rubber glove. The hair will come up and collect into a ball that you can conveniently throw in the bin. Problem solved!

How to quickly remove dust and cobwebs

Look up! We rarely take the time to inspect our ceilings while we are relaxing at home, but as time passes you may notice the ‘home-grown’ Halloween decorations that may have appeared in the corners of the room!

You don’t need something fancy like a spider catcher or telescopic dusters, we’ve found that the most effective way to remove dust and cobwebs from ceilings and hard to reach areas is to just use your vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuums come with an extendable pole and attachments, our favourite tip for removing cobwebs is to use the small brush head, simply extend the pole as far as it can go with the brush on the end and it does the job for you. This method is also particularly useful when dusting picture rails and skirting boards.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to clean your curtains

It may seem unusual to take your curtains down and clean them but like anything else they attract dust.

Make your living room a space that everyone can enjoy spending time in this winter.