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At Why Bother we pride ourselves in creating a clean and fresh work environment for you and your employees. There is no use hiring a cleaner that won’t allow you the peace of mind that you will come into your place of work and feel that you are in a clean and comfortable environment. The benefit of using our Brighton commercial cleaning service is that you will have an office that you will be proud to bring your clients inside, and your employees will love to work there.

Why-Bother Commercial Cleaning

Our Experience with Commercial Cleaning

We worked in offices for many years before moving into cleaning, so we know what “commercial cleaning services” usually means, especially office cleaning – do the bare minimum, sweep everything from the desk into the bin, but don’t lift anything up. We know that you want something different in terms of office cleaning, so if you say you would like us to spend two hours cleaning a week we will work for those two hours.


Why-Bother Potential Customers

Customer Consultations

We always visit potential customers to find out exactly what you need from your office cleaning routine. You have your own priorities and needs, and we tailor our office cleans to them. From this visit, we can suggest a  commercial cleaning routine for you and thereby work out the weekly cost.
We are aiming to create you and your employees a clean and fresh work environment. A work place that you will be proud to bring your customers inside, and your employees will love to work there.

Why-Bother reliable staff

Friendly and Warm Staff

All of our commercial cleaning staff are chosen not just for their cleaning abilities, but for their personality. You want a cleaner who you can trust, and who can work in your office with your team. We endeavour to match clients to our cleaners and cleaning services to make sure that this is always the case. Why Bother cleaners work because they enjoy the job satisfaction it offers, and they work for us because of the pay and benefits we provide – and the client-happiness related bonuses definitely help.

Why-Bother Trust Our Staff

You Can Trust Our Staff

Our staff all go through full referencing and I.D. checks. Our commercial cleaners are all fully employed by us, and are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy. This means we can take away the hassle of finding a reliable, trustworthy office cleaner, and you don’t need to manage them when they start.

We also offer temporary commercial cleaning services if your cleaner is unable to attend. For us, our clients’ security always comes first!

Our commercial cleaning prices can vary. Contact our friendly team for a quote.

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Office cleaning is a serious business. We do not only aim to clean your office but also do aim to identify your workers' needs from the cleaning.
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