End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Brighton and Hove

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

End of tenancy cleaning Brighton. Do you need professional help to clean your entire house after a tenancy period? No worries! Here at Why Bother, we are one of the best cleaning companies in the area and will create a home that is ready for the real estate market again and will look good for prospective tenants and landlords.

wiping-swipe-for-floors We Focus on Customer Service

At the end of a tenancy everything seems stressful. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, there is always too much to do – and you certainly don’t need the worry of making sure your home is completely clean. As one of the best cleaning companies in the area, Why Bother can take away the stress of end of tenancy cleaning. Cleaning the oven, dusting on top of windows and cupboards and getting difficult stains out of the carpet at Why Bother we have the professional experience, equipment and products that make these cleans much easier.

wiping-swipe-for-floors High Standard Cleaning

Our high standards mean that your house or flat will be ready for inspection by landlords and new tenants. Because we take at least six hours on every end of tenancy cleaning service, we take care of all those things you don’t have time to cover when a lease comes to an end.

wiping-swipe-for-floors High Quality & Well- Qualified Staff

All our cleaners and housekeepers have passed through full I.D. and referencing checks. They are all employed full-time by us, and any damages are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy. All cleaners are chosen because they enjoy the job satisfaction that cleaning offers – although they are also be motivated by bonuses tied to customer happiness. To make sure that you are happy, we try to match you to an individual cleaner, and always listen to the feedback you give.

wiping-swipe-for-floors You Can Count On Our References

If you have any doubt about our cleaning services or our cleaners, just have a look at our testimonial page to see what our customers say about our services. We guarantee that the cleaning will be done to the best possible standard.

wiping-swipe-for-floors Thorough Cleaning

At the end of a tenancy you never know how dirty your property is, that’s why we determine the needs of your property and then spend at least six hours for deep thorough clean. We aim to provide a property that is as good as new at the end of our service every time.


Please contact us for more info on our prices.

3rd Floor | Queensberry House | 106 Queens Rd | Brighton | BN1 3XF

01273 776056 | info@why-bother.co.uk

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